The Breakup – Part I

by Cosmic Panda

4:40 AM, April 21 ’13.

“Final boarding call for Flight TR2728 to Singapore..”

First time ko lumipad with Tigerairways. I’ve heard a lot of negative feedback from people about this airline, but their flights are really cheap so what can I expect?

I was at an aisle seat. Medyo dulo ng plane. I didn’t choose that seat, but it’s what I wanted. I wanted an Aisle seat para wala akong maistorbo if I have to go the toilet. (I find it awkward to wake someone up, and I’d rather be the one being woken up para sila yung mahiya.)

I also like being seated at the back of the plane, para mauunang mag-board, and I’d also be one of the last ones to get off.

The flight attendants were not the typical ones you see on International Flights. I dont have anything against chubby women, it’s just not something normally seen for a flight attendant.

Then they started speaking english.

Singaporeans pa-lahh. Dun ko lang din napansin na lahat sila singkit at medyo kakaiba.

I felt that it was genuinely an International flight though. I had a hard time understanding what they were all saying, including the pilot (who was an Indian woman). If it was my first time to fly, mukha siguro akong tanga.

The take off was smooth and the flight wasn’t bad. The flight from Manila to Singapore takes about three hours so I brought a book with me; however, I did not get a lot of sleep the previous night kasi I was afraid I’d miss my flight and I could not have that again.

Nakatulog ako.

I dont know if I was really excited to see Paul, or maybe I had a premonition of some sort, but I dreamt about my boyfriend. I can’t remember what the dream was, but I am certain it was about him.

I landed Singapore around 8am and was greeted by my boyfriend at the arrival area near the MRT Station. We were together for two years, so I kinda know when he is excited or not. When he saw me, he was smiling. But I knew he wasn’t excited.

I didn’t entertain that thought though. Iniisip ko baka nag-iinarte ako. We said hello to each other and I found myself hoping for the same Paul that I saw the last time I was at Changi International Airport.

Paul moved to Singapore in February. Valentines to be exact, so we had to celebrate it on the 12th. I had ambitious plans for us that day, but I am really bad at planning. I guess thats one of the things that makes me a bad boyfriend.

I make plans but things never go as I hoped they would.

He moved to SG to continue studying. Matagal na nyang plano yun even before we met, and it was a huge factor I was considering when we were still dating.

On October 2012, after our second anniversary, he told me he has finally decided to go to Singapore with his friend Jeff. I had no choice but to accept.

Pag mahal mo kasi ang isang tao, hindi ka dapat maging hadlang sa mga pangarap niya.

Tinanggap ko yun kahit alam kong masasaktan ako, mahihirapan ako, at kailangan kong magbigay ng mas maraming effort for the relationship to work. Natakot din ako of course, kasi baka may makilala siyang iba, or baka mapagod siya. Mahirap ang long distance oi, kaya dapat talaga pinagiisipang mabuti yan gamit ang utak.

On the last night that we were together in Manila, we had a great date. Hangout, dinner, and amazing sex.


I was so positive that we were gonna make it through the distance and our love for each other was strong enough for it to work. Little did I know he wanted to breakup up din pala before he even left. I say this because when we did breakup, he kept saying “We should’ve done this bago pako umalis noh?”

Ang sakit. Gago ka. Kung di lang kita mahal, may black eye ka na.

(To be continued)