The Last Three Days (Part I)

by Cosmic Panda

I originally planned on visiting my boyfriend on his birthday, April 4. I wanted to surprise him on his special day. Unfortunately, I got scheduled to do work on his birthday week so I did not book any flights.

I did, however, still make him a surprise of birthday video greetings from his friends. I sent messages to everybody and a lot of them responded and sent me their videos in time for his birthday.

The best part was getting a video from his family, especially from his parents. I thought that was gonna make him really happy.

After the conversation we had at the gazebo, I thought things were gonna change a little bit.

We had the talk on Thursday. I was flying back to Manila on Sunday night. I had three days left before we officially broke up.

At the time, I was thinking may taning na yung relationship namin. Walang kahit anong bagay ang makakapag-pagaling sa mamamatay ko nang puso.

And alI could I ask for in those last few days was a little bit of what we used to have. Just a little bit.

I knew that was too much to ask, but I thought I deserved it. Pa-consuelo de bobo (tama ba?)

But things were the same. No kisses, no hugs… nothing. He was still distant, and I was just.. It felt like I was just spending time with a friend.

I thought there was gonna be a change with how he treats me after the talk. Akala ko we had an understanding na we’ll have the last few days as a real couple..

Pero kahit yun, hindi man lang naibigay sakin.

On Thursday night, I told myself “Sayang yung punta ko dito. I have to enjoy it. Ginagago nako, diko na gagaguhin pa sarili ko.”

*Friday – April 26, 2013

We watched IronMan 3. Great movie! I just didnt like the subtitles, honestly. And theaters here in Manila are WAY better.

And then we stayed at Coffe Bean and Tea Leaf for a few hours before we headed home.

We were supposed to travel back to Singapore that night, but I wouldnt have any place to stay because my reservation at the hostel was for Saturday to Sunday. I did that because I thought I could sleep over my boyfriend’s place for just one night. Silly me.

So yun we just stayed in and chilled. The three of us: Paul, his friend Pauie, and me. Pauie didnt have any idea of what happened the previous day, by the way.


Pauie and Paul were on the left side of the bed, I was on the right.

We were all having a great time talking, and watching funny youtube videos. Then I remembered the birthday video I made for Paul and told Pauie about it. She searched for it and then she played it.

“Awww ang sweet!!!!” sabi niya.

Paul suddenly stood up and went around the bed to go to me. He kissed me and said

“Thank you, bee.”

I wanted to die.

He has been so cold and distant, the minute he showed sweetness, I wanted to die… of happiness.

(To be continued…)