Another Distasteful and Childish Rant

by Cosmic Panda

Yesterday, I received mixed reactions about the previous post. Some people expressed empathy, some people expressed their disbelief on what I just posted on the internet.

Let me start by saying that this is my side of the story. This is everything I went through, my thoughts, my feelings, etc – ALL ME. Am I a bad person for writing about what I think and sharing what happened to me? For sharing how I perceived things?

YES, my story involves other people. Eh di isulat din nila yung side nila. Or yung ex ko, isulat din nya yung side niya.

I was told I was insensitive and my actions were very distasteful. Childish, even. Okay, I get it. My way of dealing with things is immature compared to how you do yours. I am a drama queen. But this is me. I do not tell you how to live your life. Right?

Why am I doing this blog? Because I want to share my story.

Do I do this to get attention? No, but who doesn’t appreciate attention?

Do I do this to get validation? No. If I wanted validation, I wouldn’t be posting things that I know people would be mad at me for.

I shared that I was hurt by what had happened. I did not say they meant it. I did not say they are bad people. Parang kay Paul, I never said he meant any of it. I never said that he is a bad person. Does he come off that way? Yes, kasi we don’t know his side of the story [yet?].

Were people represented in a bad light? Yes. Pero hindi naman ako gumagawa ng kwento. Even if they clarify things, it doesnt change the fact that I was hurt.

Do I know their intentions? Do I know why they said what they said? Do I know what they were thinking at the time? NO – KASI NGA THIS IS MY SIDE OF THE STORY. HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO POINT THAT OUT?

**So, now that you know how I felt at the time, or what I was going through, you have the upper hand. You now see things both in my perspective and in your perspective. You see where the disconnect is (or was) pero ang mangyayari you get appalled and tell me that I am not man enough to face you all in person.**

Anong ginawa ko sa inyo? Did I hurt any of you? Did I call any of you names? Siniraan ko ba kayo?

Everything I posted here on my blog is true to how I saw things. I did not make up any of it.