Chapter Two: Patrick

by Cosmic Panda

i first saw rob getting off a car at a parking lot near high street. he was carrying a piece of paper and  seemed like he was in a hurry to read it. maybe it was important, or maybe it was special. maybe it was both, i have no idea.

he was wearing a shirt and shorts, and had a small tote bag hanging on his left shoulder.

i would tell you what color his shirt was, or the tote bag, or his car, but i can only see things in black and white.

not literally black and white, but more of a grayscale. like how dogs see things. dogs are color blind, and i’ve read theories about how they see things.

am i color blind like dogs? no. i hope i was though. it would be so much better than being dead. or being a lost soul. i don’t consider myself a ghost, because i don’t scare people. people can’t see me, well, except for rob.

you’re probably wondering how i died, so i’ll just go ahead and tell you.

i was sitting at the back of a cab, on the way home from a party, when a motorcycle crashed to the car. it wasn’t a big accident, but since i was resting my head on the window, it caused a lot of damage to my brain and i lost a lot of blood.

when i first opened my eyes at the hospital, i panicked at the loss of colors from my sense of sight. but when i stood up and saw myself lying on the bed, i kinda knew it was over. i saw my family outside. i wanted to hug them, especially my little brother.

i don’t know how i ended up at the park, but that’s when i saw rob.

i watched him read the note while crying. he was alive, yet he was the one crying. i thought it was adorable when a dog came from nowhere and comforted him.

i wished a dog could comfort me too.

then he looked at me. at first, i thought he was looking at someone from behind me, so i checked, and then when i looked back, he was gone.

i was walking around the park when i saw my little brother walking down the street with my mom, his head looking down. i tried to follow, but i lost them and somehow i ended up at that bench. i was so confused with what was going on and what i was supposed to do then, when rob suddenly came up and talked to me.

i was shocked.

then we started talking and our conversation went on and on and i noticed that people were already staring at him, but he seemed like he also noticed but that he didn’t mind. i figured he was clairvoyant or that maybe he was used to talking to, i dont know, entities like me?

we had so much in common, and i really felt comfortable talking to him (given the situation).

…but how do you tell someone you are already dead?